Forget Useless Censorship Kranks: the MPAA

Whilst doing a little research for an upcoming blog post, this caught my eye, hijacked my train of thought, and demanded a rant. If there’s anything that I just can’t stand, it’s overbearing, haughty, self righteous, auto-appointed protectors of society censoring  movies to protect us, or the children, or whoever the hell they think they’re protecting when they assign their ratings. Nudity or cussing – R! Twenty-five million dead bodies torn to pieces, PG as long as no one curses or shows a tit! What violence laden, sex-repressed society are they catering to? Oh yeah, ours…

This reminds me of the uproar over Janet Jackson’s nipple during the Superbowl halftime some years back. (This is where the “obligatory” embedded pic should go, but I wouldn’t want to burn out the poor eyeballs of my precious readers, who I’m sure have never seen a nipple before and might die if they saw one here.)  What a bunch of assclowns we must look like to the rest of the world. Children must be protected from cursing and nudity at all costs, but rampant, never-ending violence is okie dokey?

In Bully, you have a movie made for teenagers about teenagers, and it can’t be shown to teenagers without adult supervision? That reeks of stupid. I watched This Film is Not Yet Rated some years ago, and I’m still pissed off! Faux protectors of society piss me off. Hypocrites piss me off. The MPAA pisses me off.

Sorry, had to let that out. I’m starting to feel a little better now. But not much, ‘cuz nothing has changed yet.


  1. Love it, I agree for the most part. I hate the re-releases!! I like your wording for the originals: rugged. How it should be!

    1. Indeed. Also, someone somewhere (not that long ago or that far away) made another interesting point: Harrison Ford really had a lot to do with making the originals as great as they were. Their comment, wherever it is – I’ll link to it if I can find it again – was that he added a sort of “wink wink this is all a Saturday afternoon special and we know it” sort of feel to the movies. And the chemistry between him and Carrie Fisher was great and genuine… Oh well…

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