Ghost The Musical

Just a quick update (Sorry I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my poor readers!):

Got to see Ghost the Musical last week. One word:


Go see it. You’ll be glad you did.

I got really nervous a half hour before the show (nothing a few well timed drinks couldn’t handle!). I started to realize how high the bar had been set by the movie, and just how badly I wanted this show to be good… Could they do it? Could they satisfactorily adapt my favorite movie to the big stage? Well, they surpassed my expectations a hundredfold. I’m not going to give it all away – go see it and be surprised!

For those of you still waiting for me to Do the Right Thing, I will… Just be patient. For now, go watch a movie!

May I suggest a Spike Lee joint? Those HOT days of summer are coming soon…


  1. You should let your poor readers know when you make new sites like this!

    There are no links on you other blogs; only on your profile 😦

    1. They’re not really intended as complimentary blogs. The compartmentalization is deliberate. But maybe you make a valid point. I’ll think about it.

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