Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lingering memories – why do some movies linger whilst others are promtly forgotten?

I watched Pi on Netflix the other night. It was interesting and good, I would say. But today I think of it only deliberately to provide a contrast. There are films I’ve watched recently on Netflix that I can’t even recall. They’re entirely forgettable. But Melancholia… Melancholia I watched for the first time a week […]

I’m going to say it

American History X sucks. I can’t seem to find this view point anywhere online, like there’s a giant conspiracy afoot in the media (oh no, starting to sound like a looney republican!), but it must be said. This was a horrible movie from start to finish. About the closest I can find to anyone feeling […]

New Blog Theme

Just a quick note to state the obvious – you are here but the walls look different. Anyone have strong feelings one way or the other? Let me know.  Thanks

Room 237 at Cannes

Tried to reblog this Room 237 Post, but due to a domain screw up accidentally posted it to a practically dead page… Fail on my part 😦 Anyway… Really want to see this documentary about The Shining – looks fascinating. Wish I could attend the festival – there’s nothing more exciting and inspiring than attending […]

Dumbass reviewers suck

Ok, rant time. Sorry, gotta do this. Been watching a lot of movies on Netflix lately, trying to find some worth writing about. I know, I know, still haven’t written that post I’ve been promising, but it’s coming. I want to do a bit more research first. In the meantime… I used to enjoy reading […]