You’re not a bunch of idiots – now go watch Lunopolis immediately!

I’m going to take a break from ranting about genres to write about a film called Lunopolis. I had never heard of it before seeing it listed on Netflix. You probably haven’t either, and this is a real shame. The acting is not superb, but it isn’t bad enough to distract measurably from the plot. The idea behind the film is far-fetched, but this is to its benefit. If you’ve never heard of any moon conspiracies (such as the Apollo mission being faked or that humans have secret bases on the moon) a good place to start (if you actually want to hear about some lunar conspiracies, that is!) is a book by Mary Bennett and David Percy called “Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle Blowers”. All the goods you need on Werner von Braun and Operation/Project Paperclip, alien visitors and technology, and so on and so on. If you need more, or instant gratification, there are a million websites devoted to ever disturbing ideas about what’s really going on…

Lunopolis mixes in a pseudo-Scientology-like cult/religion group (no offense to Scientologists!) and keeps things moving along without creating a lasting fear that we are all going to live horrible lives enduring unimaginable suffering. It’s a good ol’ conspiracy what-if scenario that is just plausible enough to keep up interest (if you’re willing to suspend a little disbelief, ye of little imagination!) but not so close to anything most of us spend any time thinking about in our daily lives so as to become mundane or, worse yet, cause complete paranoia.

I’m still thinking about the movie and am getting ready to view it again, probably tomorrow. I love a movie that lingers on in the mind to the point where I just have to watch it again. This is one such film! Now GO! Watch it now!

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