Star Warts Episode II: Any Hope Left?

Just watched a documentary called The People vs. George Lucas on Netflix which really covers all the main points of a previous post I wrote (and hits several other points as well, including fan edit films and some Indiana Jones trivia to boot). The film really offered a vent for all the things that George Lucas has done which, in the eyes of many fans, destroyed the Star Wars memories they grew up with. I won’t go over it all again, the film puts it all on graphic display for anyone wanting to share in the vent, or for any younger readers who may not be familiar with the history of the edits and the emotional issues fans experienced as a result. I will state my own opinion, briefly, which is that Jar Jar Binks isn’t the real enemy here, and I can even understand the sense behind making these new releases for the younger generation. That’s what corporate branding is all about – hooking the next generation of customers. My biggest contentions are with deleting the original versions of the original films from the archives of “official” history. This is wrong and socially, and culturally, criminal. They were just so much better. If these new movies came out today without the history behind them, I’m not stupid enough to say they would be irrelevant, but their imprint would be far smaller, and their legacy non-existent.


  1. I just watched this the other day, and really enjoyed it. It rekindled my annoyance at the remastered movies. Such love/hate for big-haired George.

    1. Indeed. I’m the same way. I sort of forget about the whole thing until I’m reminded of it – like a traumatic experience. Speaking of which, did you see the South Park Episode?

      1. Nope, but I will look it up now. Thanks!

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