Stranded cover artStranded is an awesome film. If more movies were like this, I might actually enjoy more movies than I do. And God bless Netflix streaming – it’s better than sliced bread. After almost being turned off from the movie by the nearly unanimous poor reviews, I luckily remembered that most Netflix reviewers are (apparently) 12 year old idiots with shit for brains suffering from mental illnesses of one sort or another, and I took a chance. Thank God! Yes, there are some dubious plot points, and the low budget shows from time to time, but who cares? Give me plot over fancy effects or props any day. The slow pace is another thing that seems to have offended our poor retarded brethren reviewers at Netflix. To me, a presentation which is full and rich is superior to a runny, watered down, rushed, explosion packed bacteria laden diarrhea every time – and this movie plods along at just such a rich pace as to allow one to absorb the situation in all its desolate glory. So go watch it today – unless you can’t pay attention for more than two minutes at a time without an explosion and a loud soundtrack to keep you focused… But then, if that was you, you probably wouldn’t still be reading this, would you?


  1. […] Stranded and Lunopolis both deserve mention, and I’ve linked them here to my previous posts. They are both too recent to me to judge them alongside movies I’ve seen years and decades ago – the mind just doesn’t work that way. They may end up on my all time favorite list, but it’s too soon to tell. I also enjoyed Galactica very much; it almost made the list. It’s my cup of tea, but ten is a very small number when one starts compiling one’s favorite movies. A.I. Artificial Intelligence actually was on the list, but I bumped it off. I might put it back on if I were to remake the list another day. The problem with A.I. is that  Kubrick and Spielberg are two diametrically opposed directors, and to have the spirit of one given flesh by another is a rough path to walk down, to smash metaphors into a stew… Had Kubrick lived to finish the project, well, who knows just what might have been… As it stands, I saw this movie in 2001 and, I must admit, don’t recall much. From that year. I was physically very close to the Twin Towers when they came down and suffer some memory issues from the year or two leading up to that event. So, in all fairness, I have added this movie to my Netflix queue and reserve the right to adjust my opinion of it upon seeing it again. Flight of the Navigator suffers the opposite effect as the two films at the head of this paragraph. I haven’t seen it since I was six years old. I loved it! But I was six years old. I have added it to my Netflix queue and again, reserve the right to modify the following list accordingly. […]

  2. I just came off a mini korean film kick, hgilhgiht was the trilogy to Oldboy, maybe youve seen Oldboy, and there are two other movies, Sympathy for Mrs Vengance is awesome! Might not be happy watching for the mrs however

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