Prometheus – Area 51?

I have been waiting forever, or at least since I read the Area 51 series by (pen name) Robert Doherty [no, it has been forever, since I read the series with the desire in mind] to see a movie about the alien origin of mankind. Anyone familiar with the Area 51 series can attest to the ease with which these ideas can become ingrained in the mind; the resistance is so little because the ideas are so plausible when presented in the right way, with the right supporting evidence to back them up. Fans of the television show Ancient Aliens are familiar with this too. The premise just starts to make so much sense and fill so many otherwise unexplainable gaps in our knowledge that things start to get very scary in a hurry. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my Area 51 series movie, but in the meantime, Prometheus hits most of the major points dead on, to the point I started to think they did base the movie on the Area 51 series:

  • We were created by aliens
  • These same aliens weaponized a (worm- or snakelike) species that invades a host body and controls it through the spinal column, replicating itself in a grotesque process, ultimately destroying the host. This “weapon” nearly destroyed the creating species. [In the Area 51 series, they are a quad-core brain with worm-like tentacles that attach to the invaded spinal column]
  • There’s the shape of the alien craft and presence of pyramidal structures on other planets
  • Of course the desire of the humans to destroy all the aliens, both our creators and their weaponized species

The “weaponized invader species” also make appearances in movies from the various incarnations of Invasion of the Body Snatchers/Night of the Living Dead to, of course, the Aliens franchise (including The Thing of earlier this year), and also make a brief cameo in Hellboy, where a specimen is preserved.  There are lots of variations when it comes to the details of the stories, but the overall idea is the same. I can’t shake the notion we are being prepared for some grotesque and frightening truth. In this case, I hope I’m dead wrong!

As for Prometheus, I didn’t find it too long or slow, but rather, I found it to be just right in the level of depth of plot and tempo. The cinematography was astounding and the soundtrack excellent. I think this may be the best movie of the year, certainly of the blockbusters anyway, although some of the Christmastime releases previewed prior to Prometheus look like they’ll be worth the price of admission. It’s about time Hollywood started making good movies again.


  1. I enjoy a great movie also but this one may be a bit too scarey for me…or maybe I’m just a big chicken 🙂

    1. It wasn’t too scary really – at least not the jump out of your chair type scary. The ideas…, yeah, I guess they’re a bit scary!

  2. vegancharlie · · Reply

    I TOTALLY agree with you I loved Prometheus movie. best one I’ve seen all year and when the movie was over I still felt that it left lots to think about.

    1. I’m still in withdrawal lol

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