A few musings film related

So I’ve been very busy late and haven’t had much chance to watch movies, much less blog about them. What follows pretty much sums up the summer for me:

In the Netflix realm, I had my first vanished disk. I ordered the American Solaris followed back to back by the original Russian film (which I had streamed last year or so, but which has since been removed from the streaming). I really liked the American version. I didn’t expect to, but it was well done, I felt. The Russian version never arrived. I ordered a replacement disk and then got very busy and couldn’t watch it when it did arrive for several weeks. I eventually tried to squeeze it in after work (before bed) but this proved disastrous, as this is a slow and quiet movie, and I laughed heartily upon half waking up to see the main character sleeping. I was sleeping and on the screen was a character sleeping! It was pure farce! I eventually made it through the film after several attempts and in several parts. Luckily I had seen it before, because it is a great and classic science fiction film and I would have missed a true treasure if this sleepytime adventure was my only exposure to this excellent film. I then watched Dune, the Extended Version. Well, that’s not directly true. I ordered the extended version and popped the DVD in, having set aside some time dedicated to watching it, fully awake, all too aware of the aforementioned disaster. When, two and a half hours later this disjointed mess of a film came to an end, I realized something was wrong and, upon investigating, discovered the extended version is on the reverse of the DVD! Well, I certainly didn’t set aside that much time and attention span to sit through an even longer version of this mess back to back, so, frustrated, I went to bed, determined to watch the extended version the next day. And I did. And it’s still a mess! But I liked the extended version better. The book is so good, I don’t know what the hell happened here… Actually I know a little about it from reading various articles and bits and pieces from IMDb.com, but who cares? The point is when I was a kid in the eighties, Dune was serious stuff. Or so I mistakenly thought. Oh well… It’s still one hell of a story!

In the small/private/independent/foreign-film theater realm, [my computer’s dictionary is British and wants me to spell theater theatre, isn’t that something?] I took in Killer Joe, never having even heard of it prior to walking up to the theater. GREAT film! Acting is great. Story is great. Film is funny and suspenseful and one hell of a ride. I highly recommend catching it wherever and whenever you can. For those who’ve never heard of it either, here’s the IMDb.com, [to save your lazy ass from having to type it in yourself. You’re welcome;) ]

And finally, heading back to Netflix, I finally got a chance to see North by Northwest last night. Hitchcock is The Man for a reason. What a great film! Entertaining from the start, Hitchcock knew how to just throw you into the middle of a story and let you thirst for the beginning as you are slowly lead towards the end. I love this style. Such a great way to keep the mind engaged.

Okay, back to work or sleep, whichever is up next… Till next time!


  1. Hi Steve. So glad to see you back North by Northwest is a great film. I must have watched it a dozen times already. Too bad Dune turned out to be such a disaster….:(

    1. Hi it’s good to be back!:)

      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Dune despite its failings. I’m easy to please lol. I just split the intellect decrying the faults from the emotional center which loves the complex story and characters.

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