What a Show!

I, being homebound by a bout with the ol’ strep throat, took the opportunity to re-watch The Truman Show.  I loved this movie when I first saw it and I loved it even more this time. I remembered vaguely that the movie had a powerful story, but I had forgotten how much the music contributes to create a one-two knock-out punch, leaving me cheering and way too emotional (must be the medication). I picked up finer nuances this time around, such as the bus driver’s clearly apologetic attitude, and found myself completely engaged with the story – I had been somewhat afraid starting off that the story would seem stale with no surprises for me. I did wonder, however, how the film would have differed if we weren’t let in right off the bat; if our knowledge of what was going on grew along with Truman’s, but then I figured it would play out more or less like the Matrix in that regard. This line of thought lead me to appreciate the talent of the filmmakers even more, since they managed to extract so much punch and emotion even with no real big a-ha moments. We more or less know the deal from the beginning, yet each time Truman makes a discovery we feel like we’re right there with him – no small feat to accomplish! The Truman Show will remain on my all time favorites list for a long while I suspect.

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  1. I think I recall the movie as my being my very first ever viewing of a ‘serious Jim Carey movie.’ May it always stand the test of time.

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