K-PAX is oK by me

Finally got around to watching K-PAX. The first thing I wondered was how did I not hear of this movie sooner (like, a decade ago when it came out…)? Then I saw that its release date is October of 2001 – not a great time for me, so I guess that explains how I managed to not even hear of this movie until reading a review by a fellow blogger. [Thanks!]

Really great film exploring the ideas of open mindedness, belief, and, very importantly, the idea of questioning the status quo. I personally love and connected with the idea of questioning the hierarchy of society, the structuring of relationships that so many never bother to question – e.g. doctor/patient, and the necessity of having to be healed by a doctor. I found Prot’s take on our society to be a refreshing one that resonated with me and left me feeling hopeful and excited.

The use of light in the cinematography was astounding. Everywhere light sparkled subtly. In some cases, interior scenes were shot in a darkened room lit by sunlight streaming in – how novel is that? This use of light alone created a feeling of novelty and excitement in me that added an additional layer of appreciation as I watched the film.

The resolution is ambiguous enough that, although folks can convince themselves that their interpretation is the only correct one, truly, if one tries hard enough, either possibility presented in the film can be seen as valid. An A Plus movie experience!


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    There’s one quote in the movie that took until the very end to strike me with the depth and breadth of its profoundity.

    Dr. Powell, asks Prot on the reproduction of the aliens (still skeptical about the whole thing) and after hearing how awful and painful it all is, he asks Prot :

    If it’s such a terrible experience, how do you reproduce?
    To which he replies with the single greatest line (IMO) of the whole movie and pretty much defines the single greatest frailty of the current human condition.

    As carefully as possible.

    I know it’s just a movie and all, but this is in many ways more philosophical than the first Matrix was. It’s real (though still sci-fi) and we can readily relate to it today as opposed to having to project our minds to the year 2199.

    Imagine what a great place we would all be in if only wanted children populated the Earth. And how we would think carefully before wasting our lives on frivolous pursuits.

    BTW… How was your election night?

    1. I agree 100%. Very insightful!

      As for election night it is as clear as ever the Republicans holding onto their majority in the house despite losing ground there and in the senate (and failing to take the White House) is as clear a mandate as there ever was for them to continue their obstructionist agenda…(!?!?!?!?) [blog post to follow]

      1. Yeah, you can bet they’ll put up as many barriers as they can, but I think this time around, they’ll be a bit more tactful about it. Losing a few seats in senate, I think, made them nervous.

        There needs to be a whole lot of soul searching in the Republican party to really get the message across, working in your own best interest and convincing the gullible to work against their’s will only get you so far. It hurts the country and, eventually, they wise up and strike you down at the ballot box. Biggest problem may be that they really believed that 47% rubbish Mitt was spouting a while back.

        And there was a chronic overestimation their own abilities within the Romney campaign and the party as a whole that came back to bite them.

        Can’t wait to see your take on that whole mess.

        To think Abraham Lincoln’s party has sunk so low. Speaking of… any plans to see that movie on him? Not the one with Daniel Day Lewis, but the one where he’s hunting vampires.

      2. Don’t know why I had to moderate this comment…

        Anyway, I might see them both eventually. As for the post, as soon as I get a chance, before the inaugurations of course!, I’ll provide my insightful take on all things electoral;)

  2. Hi Steve. I didn’t see or hear of this movie until now. It seems to be one of the better ones, and now I am curious. When I have more ‘down time’ this is a movie I will want to see. 🙂

    1. Yeah it’s great on so many levels. Enjoy it!

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