Monthly Archives: December 2012

Some Entertaining History Lessons

What a day! Spent over five hours sitting in a movie theater watching Civil War era films, yet didn’t get quite so weepy eyed like when watching the Ken Burns documentary with all the sad violins and whatnot. (Although I have to admit, I came close to wet eyeing it a couple of times – […]

Joy to the world

Growing up, I was never much a fan of the idea of spending time around the Christmas holiday in movie theaters, but Quentin Tarantino has changed me. I will be seeing Django Unchained this week and will share my impressions thereafter. I will take in Lincoln as well, as it would seem a shame to […]


Well I guess I risk beating a dead horse by picking on a nearly ten year old movie, but I’ve just finished watching Paycheck and, though I normally refrain from posting immediately (to allow diffusion and settling etc), I fear I might not care enough later to point out in a post how preposterous this […]


With all the recent remakes out there, I feel the need to offer a little direction to any producer listening. Please remake Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck’s novel is (one of) the best of all classic American novels, but the ancient film just doesn’t do it justice. Censored and abridged almost to the point of […]