Well I guess I risk beating a dead horse by picking on a nearly ten year old movie, but I’ve just finished watching Paycheck and, though I normally refrain from posting immediately (to allow diffusion and settling etc), I fear I might not care enough later to point out in a post how preposterous this movie is. The main concepts of mind erasure and even a [ insert spoiler unbelievable plot point here ] are the least troublesome issues. Time after time events take place which are so weak they distract from the film in big ways.

    An FBI agent forgets, I guess, that he can’t smoke in the interrogation room without all hell breaking loose??

    The fortune cookie with the clue and the numbers? The clue can be arranged, but the numbers?

    Too many fortuitous sequences to count or keep track of, not limited to fight scenes where he is seen before he sees, yet he immediately has the upper hand… Or to the sheer luck of having enemies with the worst shooting skills in all of cinematography. We should all always be so lucky. Or did he see all this and more in minute detail? Dubious. [Then again, these types of advantageous scenarios are common to many action movies I suppose.]

I found this movie to be entertaining when it wasn’t distractingly sloppy. I love the premise and will probably look into reading the short story it’s based on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will be tighter by far than the movie.

For a novel with a somewhat similar idea (which I would LOVE to see made into a film!) check out Ghost Country by Patrick Lee.

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