Soundtrack Competition Part I

Well it seems hardly anyone gives a damn about this, but here goes anyway. I promised a poll/competition to find the greatest movie soundtrack of them all, and, while I’m sure we won’t actually find that here today, it may be fun to do some comparisons.

First match-ups are as follows:

If your favorite got left out it’s not too late. There’ll be a second round before we move on to semi-finals. Leave your write-in candidates in the comments and I’ll be sure they get a slot in the second round.


  1. Ladies and gentlemen, and that’s how Steve started WWIII in the New Year. 😛

    Granted, this is still opinion, but it will be hotly contested opinion with “Aha, I knew it” or “absolute rubbish!” and maybe a few gems with “[insert hyperbole] with complete disregard for [insert favorite staple]” by the end of this.

    … And you’re missing 2001 😉

    1. Lol We’ll see… I don’t know about WWIII, but maybe a small skirmish 😉

      As for omissions, there are many, but that’s what the next round will cover.

  2. […] polls will close next Thursday at midnight (Wednesday night 12:00 New York City time). Thereafter will […]

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