Sountrack Competition Round 2

The results of the first competition are in:

In the biggest smackdown of the race to be the best soundtrack ever, The Matrix decimated Transformers, taking 88% of the vote. Made scrap metal out of the big robots!


In the battle of the men-with-Daddy-issues (well, not really, but play along), The Tree of Life beat out The Dark Knight Rises, taking 67% of the votes. Who’s your Daddy now!?


Schindler’s List beat Melancholia with a solid 71% of votes. A big win for Mr. Williams over that relatively obscure fellow, what’s-his-name? Wagner?


Please pardon the waterprint stock photo, I’m lazy and cheap.

Ghostbusters destroyed The ‘Burbs, taking 83% of the vote. When ’80’s hits collide!

In the battle of battles, Gladiator came out on top, beating Braveheart with two thirds of the vote. Yeah, I guess the Romans probably would have stomped the Scots…,  if the Romans hadn’t already succumbed by that time to the hoards of “barbarians” at the gates. Then again, the Romans build that big wall in the northern part of that great island and advanced no further for a reason, right? But I digress…

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

District 9 dealt a decisive blow to The Mission with 71% of the vote. Got that folks? Aliens. Not God. (Just kidding! Lighten up folks! and please put those pitchforks down. Please…? Oh, and the torches too, if you would thanks.)


The Truman Show took the win over American Beauty with 67% of votes. That’s life. Maybe…

Truman's Wall

Truman’s Wall

In the closest match of the round, The Godfather and his men won the wild west from Moe Green and put a bullet in his eye… – I mean beat out The Good The Bad and The Ugly with 60% of the vote. I’m sure there was no pressure or intimidation put on anyone to vote a certain way… I’m sure of it.



So, with that out of the way, on to round 2!

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