A horror movie, a horrible movie, and a horrible situation – July recap

Okay folks, the summer film watching days are in full swing and I managed to catch three films in the theater this month so far, which is pretty good for me lately. Free AC and lime coke from the fountain doesn’t hurt either! I mentioned the horror movie last post, so I won’t add much here. I will say, upon reflection and a revisit last night of The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 is not so bad on its own. I do prefer the original, but the sequel, judged on its own merits, is a lot better than a lot of other movies out there. (On the subject of horror films I do want to mention I am looking forward to seeing Lights Out – the short of the same name is the scariest three minutes of your life!)

Now, for the horrible. Of course I am referring to Ghostbusters. I had every intention of never seeing this film or spending even one cent in support of it, but such are the ways of social obligations and friendships… I have nothing good to say about this film and the less said the better. Since it has been a newsworthy event, I will state for the record any abuse or nastiness towards any of the actresses is purely evil and uncalled for. It is not their fault the film sucks and personal attacks on them or Ms. Jones specifically are not something I approve of; quite frankly the idea of heaping abuse on her or any other actress disgusts me.

Now on to the horrible situation we Americans (for those of you who are American) face this year. I refer you to Mr. D’Souza’s Hillary’s America; The Secret History of the Democratic Party. In a nutshell: I recommend it. Unfortunately I suspect it will be a case of preaching to the choir. Those who go will already be familiar with the subject material, and those who will never see it are just those who may benefit from the perspective gained. The production is of mixed quality. Camera work and other technical aspects are pretty good. The tone of the narrative is a little unpolished and may not fully wow anyone new to the material, but it is not so bad as to turn off a viewer who otherwise takes an interest in learning about the topic at hand. A couple highlights include:

  • juxtaposing Margaret Sanger’s advocating for the elimination of the black race through eugenics and “planned parenthood” with Hillary Clinton’s glowing praise of Margaret Sanger and her efforts
  • the origins of the Democratic party at the hands of slave-owning racists, and a sort of re-branding of the civil war as a war between the slave-owning Democrats and the freedom-loving Republicans

The general theme of the film is the double-speak of the current Democratic party as the party of workers and minorities when in fact, when viewed from a neutral perspective, the Democratic party has never been a champion of “the little people” and in fact uses those same people as tools for the expansion of the party bosses’ power. Again, nothing new here for anyone who has been paying attention, but it is refreshing to hear it spoken aloud once in a while, and Mr. D’Souza makes it interesting as he weaves the history of the party with his own tale of incarceration as revenge for speaking out against President Obama (as he alleges).  The mainstream media is trying to make this film out to be more tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory nutcase whack job blah blah blah etc but in reality the film portrays a rousing sentiment and provides a stirring reminder of what it means to be an American (which, as Mr. D’Souza takes pains to make clear in the film is based on an idea, and a set of shared values, as opposed to being any sort of racial or ethnic identity).

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