Jacob’s Ladder

This one left me speechless (a babbling brook of mindless expletives aside).

needle in forehead

This movie messed with my mind

Part horror film, part war film, part government/military conspiracy coverup film, part supernatural thriller, Jacob’s Ladder hit me harder than a beat up old car driven by demons speeding down an alley right for me. There are several films here in this one masterpiece. There’s a horror movie about a man losing his mind and/or encountering real demons because he is dead and in hell or possibly suffering from some injury in his past. There is a movie about a group of Army veterans of the Vietnam War still suffering years later from their incursion into hell. And possibly a sinister military conspiracy that is being covered up. There’s a supernatural film going on about a man who longs for his former wife and their family together, and especially their son who passed away in a tragic accident some time ago, a man who sometimes is still united with his family despite nightmares where he lives with a coworker lover who may be a demon. Or maybe she is a supportive friend who suffers along with him and his recurring dreams about his former family… Head trippy film adventure this one. Don’t know how I managed to go the first 27 years of its existance ignorant of its power – and a powerful film it is. Moving, scary, confusing, comforting, discomforting… This is what films should be like. This is a movie that most certainly does NOT suck!

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  1. Great post, and I agree – this film is really a masterpiece. It is one of my favourites. I am a fan of Adrian Lyne and here he really sets the right atmosphere, but even apart from that, it is such a deep, thought-provoking, philosophical film.

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