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These things generally suck

Yet movies should not suck…,33323/ Where are we going? Are there alternatives?


With all the recent remakes out there, I feel the need to offer a little direction to any producer listening. Please remake Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck’s novel is (one of) the best of all classic American novels, but the ancient film just doesn’t do it justice. Censored and abridged almost to the point of […]

Off topic

Off topic, but worthwhile… I want my high speed trains! Sign the petition won’t you please?

You’re all a bunch of idiots – Part I

Ok, rant time! Let’s talk about genres today, because some of you are getting things so mixed up if I don’t straighten you out now, we’ll never get things back where they belong. And, actually, none of you are idiots. I’m preaching to the choir here. The idiots aren’t reading this. But if you know […]

New Blog Theme

Just a quick note to state the obvious Рyou are here but the walls look different. Anyone have strong feelings one way or the other? Let me know.  Thanks

Dumbass reviewers suck

Ok, rant time. Sorry, gotta do this. Been watching a lot of movies on Netflix lately, trying to find some worth writing about. I know, I know, still haven’t written that post I’ve been promising, but it’s coming. I want to do a bit more research first. In the meantime… I used to enjoy reading […]

Forget Useless Censorship Kranks: the MPAA

Whilst doing a little research for an upcoming blog post, this caught my eye, hijacked my train of thought, and demanded a rant. If there’s anything that I just can’t stand, it’s overbearing, haughty, self righteous, auto-appointed protectors of society censoring¬† movies to protect us, or the children, or whoever the hell they think they’re […]