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The scariest future of them all

In the vast archives of cinema there is no shortage of scary tomorrows. A Clockwork Orange explores a very personal, harrowing experience of one denizen of a bleak tomorrow. Its world is overrun with chaos and immorality. Big government bunglings produce no shortage of unfortunate outcomes in one failed attempt after another to fix what […]

Interstellar is Stellar

Interstellar is easily one of the most exciting and engrossing films of the year. For me, I think this is largely due to the immersive score of Hans Zimmer, which, to my ears at least, is at times heavily influenced by the Symphony #7 of Jean Sibelius (the finest of Symphonies ever written IMO). Watching […]

My top ten (or so) favorite Science Fiction movies of all time

I’ve deliberately made this list controversial, in the hopes you wonderful readers will jog my memory with your own favorites and remind me of movies I have forgotten about. Of course, this is a list of my favorite movies, ergo, television shows like The Twilight Zone (which is some of the best Sci-Fi in existence) […]

The Tree of Life

This is the movie that broke the camel’s back, to mangle the metaphor [BTW, I won’t be giving it a thorough review here, plenty has been written already – for my opinion of the movie, read on]. I dislike DVDs, generally. Oh, they were great in 1990. They were okay in 2000. But this is […]

Some factors in the making of a great movie

Many people have favorite actors and actresses. I cannot respect the movie-rating opinions of these people. I’m sorry, I just can’t. If you’re one of them, we can still be friends. Just don’t bother me with your opinions about movies. We’ll find something else to talk about. It’s okay. It has become clear to me […]

Welcome to MoviesShouldNotSuck

This is a blog about good movies, not movies that suck. Because movies should not suck. Movies that suck are like pizza which is not good. How can something as holy and divine as pizza not be good? Somehow, losers across America seem to be able to screw it up on a daily basis. And […]