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Sountrack Competition Round 2

The results of the first competition are in: In the biggest smackdown of the race to be the best soundtrack ever, The Matrix decimated Transformers, taking 88% of the vote. Made scrap metal out of the big robots! In the battle of the men-with-Daddy-issues (well, not really, but play along), The Tree of Life beat […]

The Tree of Life

This is the movie that broke the camel’s back, to mangle the metaphor [BTW, I won’t be giving it a thorough review here, plenty has been written already – for my opinion of the movie, read on]. I dislike DVDs, generally. Oh, they were great in 1990. They were okay in 2000. But this is […]

On spontaneity

I’m changing. We probably all are. I was once a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type of guy when it comes to watching movies. I was content to choose a movie I knew and loved, or one which seemed similar to others I’ve grown to love, over chancing an unknown film. Wow, how […]