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Soundtrack Competition Part I

Well it seems hardly anyone gives a damn about this, but here goes anyway. I promised a poll/competition to find the greatest movie soundtrack of them all, and, while I’m sure we won’t actually find that here today, it may be fun to do some comparisons. First match-ups are as follows: If your favorite got […]

On the Importance of Music

I have stated on many occasions why I feel music in a film is as important as the visuals, if not more so: you can close your eyes… Nothing brings a story into our hearts like the right music. So I’m going to propose a little fun this month: I’m going to write a bit […]

Lingering memories – why do some movies linger whilst others are promtly forgotten?

I watched Pi on Netflix the other night. It was interesting and good, I would say. But today I think of it only deliberately to provide a contrast. There are films I’ve watched recently on Netflix that I can’t even recall. They’re entirely forgettable. But Melancholia… Melancholia I watched for the first time a week […]